Simple, hygienic aspirator designed to fit baby’s noses. Relieves nasal passages for better breathing.

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Otribaby Nasal Aspirator

Otribaby Nasal Aspirator is hygienic. Removing excess nasal secretions to help babies who cannot blow their own nose to gently and naturally clear the nasal passages with an absorbing filter in each disposable nozzle.

Helps babies to breathe and feel better again

  • How it works

    How it works

    The product has been designed to help clear your baby’s nose by gently removing bothering nasal secretions. It contains an absorbing filter that guarantees perfect hygiene. Its new ergonomic shape and soft touch ensure a better handling. Otribaby Nasal Aspirator is gentle to the baby’s nose thanks to the soft nozzles which are designed for perfect and safe adjustment to the baby’s nose. Two disposable soft nozzle refills perfectly suited to baby’s nose are provided with Otribaby Nasal Aspirator.

    STEP 1

    Nasal cleansing with saline or sea water solution suitable for babies.

    STEP 2

    Aspiration with Otribaby Nasal Aspirator.

  • How to use

    How to use

    Nasal aspiration is recommended whenever your baby has a blocked nose, as often as necessary and especially before feeding your baby.

    1. Fit a soft nozzle refill (A) into the central part (B) of the device.
    2. Place the mouthpiece (C) into your (parent, caretaker) mouth and insert the end of the nozzle (A) to the opening of your child’s nostril.
    3. Aspire gently, slowly and regularly through the mouthpiece (C).
    4. If the nozzle is full between two aspirations, remove the secretions from the nozzle into a tissue by blowing into the mouthpiece or change the nozzle refill.
    5. Repeat the operation in the other nostril.
    6. Remove and dispose of the used nozzle (A).

  • Product information

    Product information

    When to use

    The concomitant use of Otribaby Nasal Aspirator with a saline or sea water solution makes it easier to remove the mucus from the baby’s nose and unblock it. Thus, it is recommended to first clean the baby’s nose with a saline or sea water solution suitable for babies and to remove the nasal secretions with Otribaby Nasal Aspirator.


    Suitable for newborn babies, infants and children. However for newborn babies, you should seek medical advice if needed.

    Do not use the product in case of allergy to any of the device materials.

    Do not use a broken or damaged product.

    For hygienic reasons and to avoid contamination, the nozzle refills are for single use only and have to be discarded after use.

    If you have any further question on the use of this product, ask your pharmacist.

    Further information

    Keep the product out of the reach and sight of children.

    Protect from heat. Do not use the product after the expiry date shown on the packaging.

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