Woman dressed in winter clothing blowing her nose
Woman dressed in winter clothing blowing her nose

How to get rid of a cold fast


A cold is something that affects anyone at anytime and unfortunately there is no cure. This does not mean that the symptoms can’t be treated; there are many things that you can do to treat the cold faster.
These include:

· Drinking lots of fluids to help mucus flow freely.
· Try and rest your body. If you continue as normal, it puts those around you at risk of catching the cold.
· Gargling salt water or drinking hot drinks can help relieve a sore throat.
· Try and stay in a well ventilated room with fresh air that is neither too hot or too cold.
· Paracetamol and ibuprofen can help relieve any aches, pains, fevers or headaches.

· Otrivin nasal sprays and drops aren’t a cure for colds but they can help you feel better and place you on the road to recovery by alleviating the most bothersome symptom of a cold, a congested nose.